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Project E.N.U.F.F. Anti-Youth Violence “My Mental Health is” McDonald’s Gift Card Registration Form

(If a field does not apply, please write \\"N/A\\")
*All forms of 3 minutes or less, creative, moral, sound, spoken word, testimonial, relevant recorded video expressions are accepted.
*M.I. Mother’s Keeper, “Project E.N.U.F.F.”, “Palms Up”, McDonald’s, Healthy D.C. & Me Leadership Coalition, and Rhonda L. Hamilton are held harmless from any claims arising out of youth’s participation in the M.I. Mother’s Keeper Project E.N.U.F.F. “My Mental Health is” McDonald’s video messaging/gift card, Public Awareness, and youth “co-host” campaign.
*Parental consent will be obtained for all selected videos being released and for an appearance on the “Palms Up” livestreamed TV program. M.I. encourages all youths to seek help immediately for matters of an uncontrollable nature and circumstance. M.I. does not offer treatment or diagnosis of any illness. We will advocate on your behalf and help to ensure that you are linked with and made aware of resources to help improve your quality of life. Ask us for help today. We care. We will be here for you always. Mental health matters. You are not alone! To do nothing is harmful to your health and living.