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Project E.N.U.F.F. Anti-Youth Violence “My Mental Health is” McDonald’s Gift Card Registration Form

Calling all youth! Send us your “My mental health is” 3-minute video message to register to receive a $25 McDonald’s gift card. Or register and be selected to appear as a “co-host” on the Palms Up “Livestream” TV show alongside M.I.’s Mrs. Hamilton.

M.I., McDonald’s & the Palms Up T.V. family are asking our youth to express what their “mental health is”. In a world with a pandemic and so much going on it’s important as mental health advocates for M.I. Mother’s Keeper to make sure that our youths are in tune with their mental health? What are our youths saying about all the senseless gun violence and abuse? We’re asking our youth to open up, talk to us, and help us to identify what mental health is from their perspectives because the mental health of our youth should matter, the ongoing senseless gun violent crimes should matter, abuse matters.

We’re dedicating the entire month of “Black History”, February to the ongoing gun violence, & mental health awareness discussions among our youth, and to helping families to cope and to be conscious of their mental health and behavioral choices at the community level with our Project E.N.U.F.F’s. “My mental health is” video messaging “McDonald’s gift card
rewards” campaign. M.I., McDonald’s, & Palms Up TV show have teamed up to reward your bravery!!!

  • Youths (ages 5 to 22 years of age), will receive a $25.00 McDonald’s gift card in exchange for their randomly selected & aired “My Mental Health is” personal 3 minutes or less submitted video during M.I. Mother’s Keeper, Project E.N.U.F.F. “My Mental Health Is” Public Awareness Campaign on “Palms Up” Livestream TV. (up to 3 video messages aired per show.)
  • Entries will become the property of M.I. Mother’s Keeper and may be used as a part of M.I.’s & McDonald’s Project E.N.U.F.F. Black History & Black Wall Street Anti-Youth Violence Mental Health Public Service Announcement campaign. (Parental authorization required for all videos of youths under age 18 selected to be aired.)
  • Upon submission of video, youth entrants will automatically qualify to also be chosen randomly as a youth “Co-host” on the “Palms Up” weekly “Livestream” TV show with M.I’s Mrs. Hamilton. If selected parental consent will be required for all youths under 18 years of age. All youths between ages 18-22 will be required to sign-up as an M.I. Project E.N.U.F.F. “Ambassador of Peace” & Pledge in writing to help M.I. with helping to end youth violence and the stigma surrounding asking for help.

M.I.’s “Project E.N.U.F.F. “My Mental Health is” McDonald’s video messaging/gift card Public Awareness, and youth “co-host” campaign will continue for 1 (one) year from the date of inception. For more information call: 240-274-9436.

Our focus remains the same in 2021. E.N.U.F.F. is Enough! We must address the mental health challenges, exposures, and lack of comprehensive mental wellness & supportive resources if we as a city & nation are going to stop the violence and dangerous decision-making exhibited by our youth. Thanks for supporting M.I.’s anti-youth violence initiatives.